Bryn Heveldt

Freelance Web Developer 
Design Degree 
20+ Years Experience 
Nelson, New Zealand
021 231 5481
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Websites Bryn has built



Back-End SEO Optimisation CSS/SASS Design eCommerce Front-End Javascript On-going Maintenance Shopify
Blue Planet Marine

Blue Planet Marine:

Complete Build CSS/SASS Design eCommerce Front-End Project Management SquareSpace
Radio 13

Radio 13:

Back-End Complete Build SEO Optimisation CSS/SASS Design Front-End Javascript Project Management PHP Server Setup SilverStripe


Back-End CSS/SASS Front-End Javascript On-going Maintenance PHP Server Setup SilverStripe


Content Creation CSS/SASS Design Front-End SquareSpace
Zerode Bikes

Zerode Bikes, made for UpShift:

Content Creation CSS/SASS Design Front-End SquareSpace
Fromm Winery

Fromm Winery, made for UpShift:

Back-End CSS/SASS Design eCommerce Front-End Javascript Shopify

Juicies, made for UpShift:

Back-End CSS/SASS Design eCommerce Front-End Javascript Shopify
Kate MacPherson Photographer

Kate MacPherson Photographer:

Back-End Complete Build SEO Optimisation CSS/SASS Design Front-End Javascript Project Management PHP Server Setup SilverStripe
Valley Gold Honey

Valley Gold Honey:

CSS/SASS Design Front-End SquareSpace
Acupuncture NZ

Acupuncture NZ:

Back-End SEO Optimisation Content Creation CSS/SASS Design Front-End Javascript Project Management SilverStripe
Sail Search

Sail Search:

AngularJS Back-End Complete Build CSS/SASS Design Front-End Javascript JSON Server Setup
New Zealand Airports Association

New Zealand Airports Association, made for Salted Herring:

Animation CSS/SASS Front-End Javascript SilverStripe
Bike Station

Bike Station, made for UpShift:

CSS/SASS Design Front-End SquareSpace
Nadia Reid

Nadia Reid:

CSS/SASS Design Project Management SquareSpace
Ministry of Business - Procurement

Ministry of Business - Procurement, made for Chrome Toaster:

CSS/SASS Front-End
Trail Journeys Nelson

Trail Journeys Nelson, made for UpShift:

Complete Build Content Creation CSS/SASS Design Front-End Javascript SquareSpace
Racing Sparrow Model Yachts

Racing Sparrow Model Yachts:

Back-End Complete Build SEO Optimisation CSS/SASS Design eCommerce Front-End Javascript Server Setup SilverStripe

Freelance Web Design & Development

Whether you need an online shop, a marketing website or a content publishing platform I can help design and build what you need. I can handle everything to make the site live and maintain the site after go-live if and when required.

Passionate about intelligent design and quality code, I specialise in website builds that work on phones, tablets and desktop computers. I have extensive design and Front-End development experience and have worked for small and large design agencies, IT companies and startups.

For the past four years I have been developing back end skills, server setup and Search Engine Optimisation knowledge to offer a full stack web service. I can work directly with your organisation to build a website or add to an existing tech team when extra resources are required. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm happy to give advice and am open to ideas.

I live in Nelson, New Zealand with Kate MacPherson and our daughter.

Front End Development
Back End Development
Responsive Design
User Interface Design
Graphic Design
User Experience Design
Server Configuration
SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Technologies I build with:




Freelance Web Design & Development

Design, Front End Development, CSS/SASS, HTML5, Javascript, SilverStripe, Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress

My core skills offered are designing and building responsive websites and online shops for all devices. I use SilverStripe, WordPress, SquareSpace and Shopify alongside slick Front End development skills and server management. I currently have clients all around New Zealand and build everything from complete websites and shops for organisations to contracting to larger agencies for various design and development tasks.


Front End Development, CSS/SASS, HTML, Javascript

I worked as front end ninja for this great little company. At UpShift we specialised in creating well designed, well crafted sites utilising a variety of modern web platforms.

Salted Herring

Senior Web Developer - CSS3, HTML5, SASS, Javascript, UX

I was contracted to build and maintain a variety of websites from campaign to large CMS builds. My role focussed on the responsive front end using SASS, HTML5, Javascript, SilverStripe and Drupal.


Senior Front End Developer - CSS3, HTML5, SASS, Javascript, UX

"Bryn took an ugly prototype of a website, cleaned up the code, made the CSS & HTML sing and figured out how to make it both gorgeous, and responsive. The way he worked the responsive design was amazing - something that we didn't think would work. In the end the site could display and be used on browsers on every device. He is willing to learn new things, take on projects outside his Job Description and take feedback. He has the smarts to do paper prototypes and the lack of ego to really dance with the feedback, what he wants is the best result for the end customer, and commercial viability for the project. I would jump at the opportunity to work with him again." Melissa Clark-Reynolds - Manager, Looxie.

Catalyst IT

Front End Developer - CSS & HTML, SASS, Javascript

At Catalyst I worked on large Drupal websites. My focus was on HTML structure using SASS to compile smart maintainable CSS. I worked alongside the Drupal developers to deliver websites such as: South China Morning Post and


Designer / Developer - CSS & HTML, Javascript, Design

At Intergen I wrote CSS & HTML, implemented Javascript elements, resolved usability issues and designed websites and intranets. I bridged the gap between the designers and the back-end developers. Some websites I was involved in were Hawkes Bay Regional Council, a SharePoint project which has a mobile specific version and NZ Beef & Lamb, an EpiServer project.

i-lign Software

Designer - UX, Interface design, CSS & HTML, Javascript, JAVA-JSP, graphic design, branding, signage

i-lign is a small ten person software company in Wellington where I worked as their in-house designer. My role included designing wireframes, mental models and interfaces as well as graphic design, producing training material and writing the CSS & HTML framework. I learnt how to effectively integrate and communicate with the development team using source control and branched versions. I also re-branded and re-decorated the office space.

Freelance Graphic Design

Designer / Developer

Clients included: Puke Ariki Museum, Clicksuite (kiosks, games, narrative animations, projections), The Correspondence School (UI consultant) and Tertiary Education Commission (UI consultant/designer). Puke Ariki won the Creative New Zealand Premier Creative Places Award, 2003.

Racing Sparrow Book Project

Writer, designer, illustrator, publisher

With clear goals in mind, I designed and prototyped a radio control model yacht. I then set about writing, designing, photographing and illustrating a book. The first print run of 500 books sold out in one year. A London publishing house printed the second edition in 2007 and distributed it via Amazon. I also maintain and moderate the Racing Sparrow forum for builders and enthusiasts.

ClickSuite Interactive

Designer, developer

I created graphic design for CD-rom's which were huge at the time. I also worked on multi-media projects for clients such as Te Papa. I designed the original Dictionary of New Zealand Biographies website and branding, which won the Yahoo Australasian website of the year, 2002.

CWA New Media

Media Designer - graphic design, web design & coding, branding, systems analysis

I worked on educational CD-rom's, specialising in Maori graphics and Maori specific websites. I created my first website there for Te Rauparaha.

Eclipse Multi-media

3D compositor - story boarding, 3D modelling, animation, compositing, graphic design

Fresh out of design school I landed my first job at design agency Eclipse Group MultiMedia in Melbourne. It was a high pressure design shop for CD-rom presentations. I received excellent training in 3D modelling and video compositing.

Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design (BCGD)
Majoring in 3D Modelling, Interactive Media and freaky haircuts.

Using a Spectrum 48 computer (age 8)

I got the 48k Sinclair Spectrum for Christmas c1984. This was the beginning of my career. I used to tinker with basic code loaded via tape drive. Oldskool!